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The Constitutional Provision That Makes Winning Difficult For Buhari



According to the technical ground of the constitution, Buhari of APC must score up to 25% in 1/3-(about 13 states-where GEJ won him), out of the 36 states, before he (Buhari) can be declaired a winner over the incumbent president. So, even if Buhari won most of the states in Nigeria, but if he couldn’t win up to 25% votes in the states that GEJ defeated him, the presidential election thus, will be declaired inconclusive, and thus, GEJ of PDP will still emerge as the winner.

In the states in South-East and South- South that GEJ won, did Buhari won up to 25% votes? Let the Notherners start educating their people now oooo-about what the Nigerian constitution says
based on technical ground, because I know, as soon as they hear that GEJ is announced the president, they will start their senseless killings.

Know it now that on technical ground of the constitution, that Buhari is too
far from becoming the president-inspite of the fact that he is the one leading in most states.

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