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There should not be unhealthy opposition in a state or nation where love,equality and freedom reign supreme. All these are the values we lack as a people and that is why we continue to experience chaos.We should borrow a leaf from saner and developed nations where their high rated priority is to ensure that all individuals positively live and reach their full potentials as humans created equally by one creator under one heaven. This is really the social progress,growth and development that every sane leader should make his/her pirority.

The current chaos in Ekiti has implications for Nigeria in her journey from nationism to nationality. It should send a clear message to those in the divisionist school of thought who subscribes to seperation of Nigeria as a national whole.  If Ekiti,a homogenuous state is suffering division and disintergration along political borderlines,then various ethnics and tribes in  a divided Nigeria will not fare better. One thing that should be our priority is to see one another as one and equal creatures created by God on one earth under one heaven.Our leaders should have the initiatives and compassions  similar to that of American Founding Fathers who instituted and recognised respect for the inherent and inalienable rights of man in documents such as the US Declaration of Rights, the Bills of Rights etc which enabled them build good governance and a solid foundation for the future generation.


_Written by John Osadeyi, Ado Ekiti

John Osadeyi is a Director, Rescue Research and Development Consults, Ado Ekiti. Contact: 08066552135

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