The Largest Animal On Earth Has A Heart That Is So Big That You Can Swim Through The Arteries


The blue whale is the biggest animal in the world, it is an aquatic animal, they are very huge, its length ranges from 80 – 100 feet and that equals the same length of an airplane, which equals approximately to the length of three buses.

Elephant, which is the largest land animal will take 6 of it to equal the length of a blue whale.

This huge aquatic animal weighs about 200 tones, only its tongue weighs the same weight of an elephant and their babies are the largest babies in the world.

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Even at birth, their babies are ranked among the biggest animals. They increase by 200 pounds in a day, their speed of growth is possibly one of the fastest growth in the animal kingdom.

Blue whales are known to be the noisiest animals in the world, their heartbeats, moan, and groans can be heard by anyone standing up to 1,000 miles apart. In spite of their very huge size, they have very long lives with an average of 80 to 90 years of life span.

Now can imagine how gigantic the heart of a whale is, which will be responsible for pumping blood all over this gigantic creature’s body and making it to be able to have that kind of long life span.

The heart of a blue whale is so big that your whole body can pass through its arteries. It is the biggest in the world and it weighs 400 pounds which is approximately the weight of a small vehicle.

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The large trunk arteries alone measure more than 9 inches. You can hear its heartbeat when you stand over 2 miles away.

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