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The Things my Big Ikebe has Caused Me ––Actress Didi



Didi Ekanem is one of the fast rising actresses in
Nollywood. Her bum marks her out, but Didi wants to be
recognised for her talent on screen rather than for her bum.
In this exclusive interview with Vanguards’s Damilola
Sholola, she talks about her career, life and more:
How has it been so far?
It’s been awesome, interesting and crazy at the same time.
Let’s just say I am having fun all the way.
What do you mean crazy?
Crazy in the sense of challenges you have to face
What can you or cannot do while acting?
First of all, my job is to act. So, I am supposed to be able to
play every character. I can do a sx scene but of course,
you know that it’s not like you’re going to have s
x for real,
probably just take off some part of your clothing and just
act it. As an actor, I have to play every role; I can do a sx
scene. I can play as a l
sbian, in fact I have a movie that I
played as a l*sbian and I played it so well.


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