The Ultimate Guide to Pairing Wine With Any Type of Food



Pairing wine with food is one of the most debated topics amongst people all around the world. While bartenders, waiters, chefs, and even wine professionals can assist you in selecting the type of wine with your food while you eat outside, it becomes imperative for you to understand the pairings when you are cooking food at home. You do not need to worry about making the wrong combinations as the art of pairing wine and food will require some time to master, but it surely will be exciting and fun. You can pair wine with all types of food, and the list below will specify and help you in making the right pairs of your favorite food and wine.

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  1. SAUVIGNON BLANC: Sauvignon Blanc is one of the lightest, crispiest, and the most summerish wines that you will taste. This great wine has a large amount of citrus and also is very acidic in nature. While thinking about pairing this heavenly Ciroc, you would want to pair it with lighter dishes packed with a variety of flavors so that the wine tastes a little sweet and does not make the food more acidic. It also enhances the taste of the herbs present in your dish because of its herbaceous qualities. You can pair this wine with food like Thai food, garlic prawns, sushi, fish with grilled vegetables, crab cake, oysters, rosemary chicken, and Asian salads that have a citrus dressing. This wine also complements goat cheese, feta, and pine nuts. If you want to pair this with some desserts, then you should pair it with lime pie, mango pie, sorbet, and meringue. While pairing it with meat, you should pair it with chicken, pork, and turkey so that you can enjoy the dish without feeling acidic.

2. CHARDONNAY: Chardonnay is the queen amongst all the other wines. The versatile variety and quality of grapes give Chardonnay a very distinct flavor that goes well with some of the most heavenly dishes. While Chardonnay is not only about still wines, you can pair sweet wine and sparkling wines crafted from Chardonnay with different types of food. When it comes to the aroma and flavors, Chardonnay is very neutral as it enables the wine to absorb the additional flavors with which you drink it. Chardonnay is also highly acidic in nature, and this acidity helps it to cut the richness of creamy food items. There are two types of Chardonnay, namely oaked and unoaked. When pairing your Chardonnay, you should pair food items like crabs, prawns, grilled fish, pasta, chicken, creamy soups, cheese salads with Unoaked Chardonnay. On the other hand, food items like Turbot, Mushrooms with grilled veal chops, summer vegetables, cheddar cheese, etc. taste best with Oaked Chardonnay. If you want to serve some desserts with any variety of Chardonnay, then you should serve it with vanilla pudding and banana cake. You should avoid serving chardonnay with Chinese and Thai food because it does not compliment the flavors of the food.


3. RIESLING: Being one of the brightest wines, people mistake Riesling as an extremely sweet wine. But, Riesling is a very diverse kind of wine that has a different version for different varieties of food. Riesling is the perfect wine as it has the right balance between its sweet and citrus flavors, and the balance between the flavors does not make it very acidic, unlike the other highly acidic wines. One of the best things about Riesling is its ability to balance out the spices in extremely spicy cuisines like Indian and Mexican. Riesling is also of two types, namely Dry and Sweet Riesling. If you want some wine that goes well with vegetarian dishes, fish, and chicken, you should opt Dry Riesling as these dishes have a limited amount of acid. Food items like Beef Curry, Broccoli Apple Salad, Roasted Vegetables, Chicken Piccata, Grilled Fish without sauce, etc. go very well with dry Riesling. You can pair Sweet Riesling with Chicken Pasta, Grilled Shrimp, and Barbecue Pork. One of the additional benefits of Riesling is that it compliments duck and foie grass very well. If you plan to serve it with desserts, then you should pair it with apple pie.


4. PINOT NOIR: Amongst all varieties of red wine, Pinot Noir is the most versatile red wine that goes with almost all varieties of food. It has a very beautiful texture and a deep aroma of raspberries, strawberries, and cherries gives it a warm undertone. However, you can not pair Pinot Noir with any kind of food because you need to consider the flavor and body of the type of Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir also comes in three types, namely Light-Bodied, Aged, and Full-Bodied Pinot Noir; each of these types has a different profile of flavors that you have to pair with specific foods. Some of the dishes that go with all types of Pinot Noir are Garlic with beef and bacon, Roasted Duck, Grilled Tuna, Mushroom Sauce, Herbed Roasted Pork, and goat cheese. If you want to pair Light-Bodied Pinot Noir, then you should pair it with rabbit, fish, seafood, cheese platters, vegetables, and pate. You should pair food items like lamb, lean beef, mushrooms, prie, and poultry items with Full-Bodied Pinot Noir. Very few people are aware of this, but Pinot Noir goes very well with spices and herbs like cinnamon, truffle, clove, and nutmeg. If you plan to serve it with a dessert, then you should serve it with creme brulee.


5. CABERNET SAUVIGNON: Cabernet Sauvignon is the bold and famous red wine that people from all around the world love and consume the most. It is also the only type of red wine that tastes the best with beef. It blends perfectly with Cabernet Franc and Merlot, and you can even use this combination as an essential ingredient for your food. When pairing it with food, this king of Red Wine suits all kinds of red meat like new york strip, filet mignon, and prime rib. Being highly acidic, it has a very tannic structure. Some of the recipes with which you can enjoy Cabernet Sauvignon are Beef Short Ribs, Meatballs, Duck Breast, Beef Stir-Fry, Sesame fried tofu, Roasted Veal Chops etc.Apart from these dishes, Cabernet Sauvignon tastes good with types of cheese like cheddar and gorgonzola. If you want to eat it with some seafood, then you should try it with Grilled Tuna because it balances out the flavors and reduces the amount of acidity. For desserts, it is better if you serve this wine with something like chocolate mousse or bittersweet chocolate so that the amount of cocoa in the chocolates makes it a little sweeter and gives your mouth a pleasant taste.


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People often end up worrying when they have to decide on serving wine with the food that they prepare. The whole process can be a little challenging but it is very much fun because all you need to do is to use a little bit of knowledge and logic. Pairing highly acidic food with wines that have a high amount of acid will not only be a misfit in case of taste, but it can also cause harm to the body of the individuals. If you are in a confusion of what wine to serve with what food, you should go through the list above to get a clearer view of what food compliments what type of wine.

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