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Top 5 Signs that Your Girl Wants to Make Love



When you get back from a busy day at work and find your wife or girlfriend wearing the best innerwear she owns, be ready for a night of uninterrupted love. No woman will just wear s*xy lingerie if she doesn’t have something going on in her mind. Even if you are out for party or a casual outing and she starts becoming a little touchy and feely with you, gives you a glimpse of her bra strap just decode her signal!

Arms wrapped around herself
There are a few sleeping positions that require her hand to be supporting her body weight. Apart from that, if you see your girl holding her arms tight to her body- it is a true indication that she wants your arms there to cuddle up and spice things up instead of her own. She, placing her arms on your chest while gently rubbing your chest is also a good enough indication.

Tone of voice
When your girl is in a mood for some naughty fun, her tone of voice will become very soft and seductive. Notice her eyes becoming smaller as she talks. She may start talking dirty if she wants it bad or even might play it cool by just talking in a gentle seducing voice. Whichever the case might be, when she starts to do so, make a small move. If she really is in the mood, then you my friend might just get lucky!

Heavy breathing
Heavy breathing is one sign that is almost impossible to fake. During the “act”, if your girl starts to breath heavy, she is giving you a positive signal. An increase in her heart rate leads to heavy breathing.

The hips don’t lie
While you are in bed and your girl’s back is facing towards you, go give her a cuddle from behind. If she starts a little hip action by gently moving her hips up and down, and pushing them into you, it means that she surely is getting high. Sometimes it happens that your girl might be in the mood but find it difficult to make the first move. So, deciphering these codes puts you on a win-win situation.

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