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Wale talks about his unsupportive Nigerian mother



American born Nigerian rapper Wale whose full name is
Olubowale Victor Akintimehin has been opening up
lately about circumstances in his life. He recently
shared his struggle with depression and now he dishes
on his life with his Nigerian mother.
In an interview with Billboard on March 30, 2015 Wale
admitted that he had been through shit.
“All these rappers, they do songs about their mothers. I’m
Nigerian — my mother didn’t encourage me to do this.
Even when [my first album] Attention Deficit came out and
I had kind of made it, most parents would have been like,
“My baby did it!” but I don’t have that. My mom didn’t
come to my [youth football league] games. I posted a
football picture on Instagram the other day. That was my
fuckin’ rec’ coach on my [high school] senior night. My
mom didn’t come to that.”
“I can’t even explain to my mom what my job entails. She
just knows that all of her bills are going to be paid. I didn’t
have one-on-ones with my mom or dad. I was in juvenile
facilities a lot. My point is that I grew up with the outside
world meaning the most to me.”
The 30-year-old rapper who is signed on to Mayback
Music just dropped his 3rd studio album called The
Album About Nothing.

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