‘Why I Begged Apostle Suleman’ – Stephanie’s Mother Finally Opens Up


Yesterday, Poplar online news media. PremiumTimes travelled to Sapele, Delta State, to speak with the mother of Stephanie Otobo, who accused Apostle Suleman of having amorous relationship with her, Read below;

PT: You traveled to Auchi to apologize to Apostle Suleman. What prompted you to do that?

Bukky: I did that because of my daughter and because I am a mother. And all those her character is not giving me happiness which I want to put an end to.

PT: Did anybody threaten to arrest or kill you before you went there?

Bukky: No, nobody threatened me.

PT: I am asking because your daughter said that you were threatened to go to Auchi.

Bukky: No, I was not threatened.

PT: That implies that your daughter lied?

Bukky: Yes.

PT: Don’t you think your daughter is old enough to take responsibility for her actions?

Bukky: She was not behaving like this before. It seems all those lawyers and her friends are manipulating her. This is not the way I brought her up because I brought many children up. Somebody is brainwashing her, polluting her mind.

PT: You said you were going to beg the man of God, what were you afraid of?

Bukky: You know when you call somebody a man of God, he can go to any length. So I don’t want the man of God to go to any length, to do any evil prayer.

PT: So, was it the first time you went to Auchi?

Bukky: No, I have been to Auchi before.

PT: She (Stephanie) said Apostle Suleman held marriage discussions in the pastor’s office. Is it true?

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Bukky: No, it is not true. No woman goes to collect dowry. That one na abomination.

PT: Did she ever tell you that she was pregnant?

Bukky: No.

PT: Did she ever tell you that she was stooling blood for a year?

Bukky: No.

PT: Have you made any attempt to reach her so that you discuss with her?

Bukky: No.

PT: When she was growing up, what kind of child was she?

Bukky: She is not wayward, that is why what is happening is surprising me. Somebody is behind this matter because she was not like that before. She is a good child. So, along the way, I don’t know what happened; that is why I said they are manipulating her.


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