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Why I chose APC as my political party – Desmond Elliot




T here is no doubt that Desmond Elliot is one of
the most prolific actors in Nollywood. Not only is
he talented on screen, he is also into directing
and producing movies. Just recently, he
ventured into politics. Desmond Elliot is planning
to run for a seat in the Lagos State House of
Assembly come 2015.

We met him at a location in Lekki where he was
shooting his latest movie. In this exclusive
interview as our Showtime Celebrity he talks
about his career, political ambition and more:
What movie are you working on now?
It’s a movie called ‘Clueless’. It is starring Uru
Eke, Joseph Benjamin, Blossom Chukwujekwu
and my humble self
When is it going to be released?
Maybe before December or by January
When did you get into movie directing?
I started directing movies about 6 years ago
Which was the first movie you directed?
It’s called ’Uyai’, it’s an Akwa Ibom film


What has been the biggest movie you’ve acted
since you got into Nollywood?
I think it would be ‘Behind Closed Doors’ ; that
was almost 6 years ago
Has directing been more rewarding than acting?
Not financially, but fulfilling, Yes
What is the highpoint of your career as a movie
You learn every day. I wouldn’t say I’ve gotten
to my peak but you learn every day. Directing
means being creative and being creative means
you’ve been doing a lot of thinking. And all that
is to be put into the film that you’re doing. I
wouldn’t say I’ve gotten to my peak yet but I
know I’m rising
Any challenges?
A lot; you have challenges with actors,
insufficient equipment, locations, unforeseen
circumstances, a lot.
What has been your highest budget movie in
terms of directing?
I can’t tell, maybe ‘Apaye’
What’s your idea of a good script?
A script that has a story that can be captivating,
that the people can relate with and that can be
slightly daring. This is so because you’re not sure
if the people would accept it or not
How has life been since you went into politics?
It’s been okay, it’s been good, it’s exposed me
to seeing more and the fact that I even want to
give back. Out there, the people are not asking
for a perfect turnaround, all they are asking for
is something that can symbolise a change in
their lifestyles.
Why did you suddenly go into politics?
I didn’t suddenly go into politics; politics has
always been a part of me. I’ve been involved in
campaigns for some Governors and even the
President. I’ve been on the campaign trail for
very long time now. Even though I have never
sought any elective office before I have always
had it at back of my mind as something I would
do one day. It is not a surprise at all, it’s a well-
thought out action and I came very prepared. I
didn’t just sleep one day and say okay, it’s time
to go into politics
If you were elected into the Lagos State House
of Assembly, what change should people expect
from you?
A Lot; First, I’m young, dynamic, very vibrant
and fast thinking. I’ve had lots of links with
corporate bodies, private bodies and nonprofit
organizations. Through me I know a lot can be
achieved because of my articulated experience.
Just wait and see me in action.
Why Surulere?
That’s my constituency; I think it’s good I face
my constituency for now
Are you going to leave Nollywood if you get
I can never leave Nollywood, I am only going to
help in propagating and promoting laws that
would help to structure the industry and make it
better and improve it from the present situation
– that’s it.

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