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Why Justin Bieber Joined Ariana Grande On Stage To Perform At Miami Concert



Justin Bieber’s performance with Ariana Grande
surprised fans at Ariana’s concert in Miami on March
28, 2015. Despite the singer (Justin) forgetting his lyrics,
fans still gave him standing ovation.
According to a source close to Justine Bierber; “Scooter
was the brains behind that idea. He wanted to get Justin
back out on stage because he wanted him to reconnect
with his fan base. Scooter sees it that if you like Ariana,
you like Justin, so he paired them together.”
“He was also a little concerned that Justin was spending
more time in nightclubs than he was on stage, so he
thought it would be helpful if Justin got back to doing
what he does best — performing,” our source adds.
Speaking further, our source stipulated that; “Scooter
and Justin wanted to do this because they wanted to do
one last thing to get in the news right before his Roast
“They want people to watch the Roast, and with
everyone talking about this performance, Justin is in the
news, people are looking for him online, and will be
reminded to tune in to see more of him when the Roast
airs,” our source concluded.
Justin and Ari’s manager, Scooter Braun ‘was the
brains’ behind Justin’s surprise appearance.

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