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After their infamous tweet fight, Skales has opened up on
their relationship prior to that spat.He told the Net Ng that
they were never really friends in the first place .
Read the Excerpts on the interview below;
Let’s talk about your recent twitter spat with Wizkid, you
guys were together at an event some hours before you
went online, what really happened?
The truth is, we were not really together, we were just at
the same venue at the same event that’s all, and really,
whatever needs to be said now has already been said on
twitter so you can pick everything there, right now I’ve put
the whole episode behind me. I just want people to focus
more on my music, it’s life human beings must always
Let’s go back to your time at E.M.E, what kind of
relationship did you have with Wizkid?
We were just there, we were cool. For me it was just about
making music, that’s what brought us together in the first
place, it’s not like we are from the same family, so let’s
just focus on the music which was what I did, if I had
something on my mind I always say it out.
At what point did you guys really fall out?
We never really fell out, the relationship we had has always
been about music, it’s not like we are brothers, we are not
from the same family like I said, it was just business and
music, so we were cool, and even till now we are still cool, I
have no bad blood against him, I just want to face my
music right now, I’m about to drop my album and that’s all
that matters to me right now.
How long have you been trying to get Wizkid to work with
For as long as every other person has been trying I guess
(laughs), we know that he’s a busy person and I’m a busy
person too, I’m doing my own thing too. The truth is, I
really don’t want to talk about it.

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