Jennifer stormed the bank to cause commotion
There was serious pandemonium last week after a woman identified as Jennifer stormed First Bank to confront a female banker for dating her man who is also a married banker.
According to journalist, Sapele Oghenek, the dramatic incident happened in Delta state.
Trouble started after the married man, Lucky decided to stop his cheating ways and turn a new leaf this new year. He told Jennifer that he was no longer interested in the relationship.
But, Jennifer refused to accept his new year resolution.
Oghenek revealed that Jennifer decided to cause a stir by confronting the female banker she alleged was also sleeping with the married man which was why he now wants to dump her.
Jennifer alleged that the female banker who was reportedly sleeping with Lucky has been threatening to deal with her. She stormed the bank and caused a serious scene.
The matter has now been taken up by the bank and police invited to investigate the case.
Lucky is also in deep trouble as the matter has now reached his wife causing serious problem for him at home.