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World Cup final to be filmed in 360° Ultra HD



FIFA says the 2014 Brazil World Cup final match production will be relayed in a 360 degree viewing experience with Ultra HD OmniCam developed by scientists.

A FIFA statement in Rio de Janero on Saturday said soccer fans would be able to re-live all the drama and emotion of the June 13 match between Germany and Argentina in a ground breaking format.

It stated that the equipment was a panoramic, Ultra HD OmniCam developed by scientists at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute in Berlin.

According to the statement, the July 13 match will be relayed in the ground-breaking format for the first time at the new FIFA World Football Museum in Zürich.

The format was scheduled to throw open its doors to the public in early 2016.

It said the innovation was the latest visual technology to be introduced by FIFA as part of the production of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, alongside live productions of matches and sports entertainment.

The world soccer-governing body said the facility would be positioned at the halfway line; the OmniCam would record the complete stadium in one panoramic view.

It said this would mean that soccer matches could be watched on the 360° or 180° screens of future panoramic cinemas, as if the viewer is sitting in the stadium watching the match in person.

OmniCam video content would also be coming soon as second screen application of tablets, smartphones or laptops.

It said the users would have the opportunity to navigate through the stadium and thus become their own camera operators.

The 360° showcase promises to become one of the central attractions at the planned FIFA World Football Museum in Zurich.

It would take football fans on an immersive journey through the story of the beautiful game, the excitement of the FIFA World Cup and the extraordinary history of FIFA.

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