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Zahra Buhari Back On Twitter, Accuses PDP Of Hacking Into Her Twitter Account (See Tweets)



Zahra, the daughter of the All Progressives Congress, Maj.
Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), has accused the Peoples
Democratic Party of hacking into her Twitter account.
On her Twitter handle, she said the ruling party used
somebody to gain an unlawful access into her account to
post a grammatical blunder aimed at embarrassing her.
The aspiring first daughter, who now has a new account,
said she was shocked that the PDP could stoop so low to
gain a political advantage.
She said, “The PDP had someone hack into my Twitter
account to post a grammatical blunder. This is so uncalled
“Even if I tweeted a grammatical blunder, I didn’t say ‘Ther
is God o’ like our First Lady said.”
She, however, did not give further details to buttress the
She had previously frowned on the actions of the party,
saying Nigerians were no longer ready to tolerate its
Since her comeback, Zahra’s fans are pouring in by the
second to reconnect with her on the new account –
@ZahraBuhari. She has also become more active on the
Introducing the account, she told her fans, “I am as lovely
as my father’s lovely heart.”
The United Kingdom-based undergraduate, who shot into
limelight earlier in the month when her photographs
appeared on the social media, said people “now think I am
faking in my own world.”
On Wednesday, she posted a series of tweets, insisting tha
Nigerians could not continue to endure the pains bad
leadership has inflicted on them.
Noting that change was inevitable, she called on individual
to support her father to bring the desired change as the
country approaches crucial general elections.
“Change is the only thing that is permanent. We need
“If school certificate defines a good president, don’t you
think President Jonathan’s PhD ought to have fought
insecurity and corruption,” she tweeted.
Zahra also sent photographs of a campaign train of the
APC, saying, “This is how far we can go to get a change.
not watch, make a move and vote for change.”
Zahra’s striking beauty had won her thousands of fans on
her now-terminated Twitter handle -@zahra3 – following
the release of her photographs by bloggers. But the young
lady, who has become an instant celebrity, dumped the
account, leaving her fans in the limbo.
Shortly before closing her former Twitter account, she had
described the debate on the whereabouts of her father’s
certificates as a “misplaced priority.”
Amid her soaring fame, some people had however warned
that her sudden celebrity was a bad publicity for Buhari.
For instance, Arikor Ogonnaya argued that her overnight
celebrity status would do her father more bad than good.
He also suggested that the fame she was getting was an
indication that her father would not achieve the “change” h
desires for the country.
“Your father is someone who has been hailed throughout
the media as a spotless saviour; a sinless messiah and a
guiltless saint. His ‘change’ mantra says so. For somebod
who is vigorously trying to so ‘change’ Nigeria as he claim
his first port of call should be our attitudes, lifestyle and
mentality. Having his daughter’s picture trending on Twitte
isn’t the best way to begin such change.
“Politics, as you know it in ‘oyinboland’, has a totally
different meaning in Nigeria. Here, politics is really
‘politicks’ translating into ‘poli’ –many, and ‘ticks’ – blood-
sucking insects. Well, having your picture trending on soci
media is such a great avenue,” Ogonnaya noted.

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